Mission Control Team

The Convention is being organised by some of the people who ran Satellite 1, plus one or two new faces, both well-established fans and newcomers.

Committee pic

Michael Davidson — Chair (FLIGHT)

Michael pic

Michael though he said quite clearly and distinctly after Satellite 1 that he was not going to get involved in running another SF convention. He was very particular about this point, and stressed it on several occasions. So it was only a matter of time before he got roped into Satellite 2.

This makes a grand total of 2 convention committees he has been on. Before this he had mainly attended a variety of cons and, with Christine, ran the Deface the Music quizzes at Redemption, Orbital and Worldcon. In the real world he runs a Radiochemistry Team at the Health Protection Agency and when not working or SMOFing like to sail, sing and play sax.

He was Ruler of the Universe from 2007-2009, having succeeded (assassinated) the previous incumbent at Confounding Tales.

Christine Davidson — Programme and Guest Liaison (CAPCOM)

Christine pic

Christine has been around fandom for more years than she cares to remember, but only recently got roped into running cons, with Satellite 1 in 2007. Depending on your point of view, she is either (a) a mainstream fan with a serious affliction (an affinity for Blake's 7) or (b) a media fan with a serious talent (she often reads whole novels…sometimes even without moving her lips or having to put her finger on the page to keep her place)!

In the mundane world she is an academic at Strathclyde University, involved in analytical, environmental and forensic chemistry: hence, a natural "volunteer" (…did I?) to run programme at a Con with a strong science theme. Rather worryingly, she remembers our treasurer as a student first time round! Other interests include music (especially playing drums and percussion) and sailing.

She does not normally dress like this…

DC — Chair of Satellite 1 (TsUP)

DC pic

DC has been going to cons (on and off as money and work permitted) since the late 1970s. He can't remember which was his first con, only that it was one of the Glasgow ones in either the Ingram or the Central and that he had a great time. He also can't recall whether he found Trout (The Friends of Kilgore Trout, the Glasgow SF fan group) in its lair in Wintersgill's before cons or after, but he enjoyed that, too, until pressure of work and moving to England dragged him away. He was always determined to avoid getting drawn too heavily into the SMOF zone, and this determination was so successful that he wound up running the Info Desk at the 2005 WorldCon, rebooting Trout (now The Resurgence of Trout), and getting Satellite 1 rolling. After that he fancied having a really long rest. Apparently, he didn't get out of the room fast enough when Michael and Christine decided Satellite 2 really would be a good idea...

Carolyn Sleith — Treasurer (PAYLOAD)

Carolyn pic

Carolyn is the bean counter. She counts beans. That's what she does. Beans are a bit boring to count, but it's about all she can be trusted to do without hurting herself. She's also in charge of crayons, markers and stickie notes, but not pencils (they're too sharp).

Here's two pictures. One when she was a young fan, fresh faced with idealism and a love of Clarke, Asimov and Cherryh. And one from more recently; drink raddled and hip deep in Banks, Baxter, Hamilton and Stross. Uninterestingly enough both are university ID card photos.

Colin Dalglish — Membership (AFD)

Dalg pic

After discovering Albacons in the 80's and spending weekends in a booze addled haze, Dalg somehow found he'd volunteered to show movies at Albacon, then Hypotheticon. There was a period when he gaffiated prior to 2Kon - (OK the reason for a non-appearance at 2Kon was just down to the fact that he didn't know it was taking place) — but he's all better now.

After attending a double header of Worldcon in 2005 and Eastercon 2006, the enthusiasm for all things fannish were re-kindled and turning up at Trout meets was the logical progression.

Narrowly avoiding being on the Satellite 1 committee (real life got in the way), the gravitational pull of Satellite 2 grabbed him, and once you've crossed the event horizon and said "Me on the committee? Aye, sounds like fun.", there's no turning back. And so it was that the job of membership secretary was his. Interests include trashy movies, especially zombie movies.

Yes it's a real crocodile, and yes I was shitting myself!

David Gibson — Publicity and Scribe (PAO)

David pic

David, dare he admit it (well…best to get it out of the way right at the start) has principally media (yes you read it right) science-fiction interests. In fact, his first foray into fandom was at a Star Trek convention!

Anyway last year he went to his first science-fiction convention, Satellite 1, and enjoyed it so much that he decided that he wanted to help with the sequel. One thing led to another and through a weird twist of fate he ended up on the committee. The rest is history.

Believe it or not, he also manages to read science-fiction (and no, not those media tie-in novels…he tried a few and most were rubbish). Media fans can read — honest! When not involved with all things connish he can often be found wandering around in a white coat at the University of Strathclyde making people believe he knows what he is doing.

n.b. In case there is any doubt, David is the one with the cap…

Roger<beep> — Con Mascot

Roger pic

This is Roger’s first Con. Please be kind and do not stick pins in him.

Mad Elf — Website (EECOM)


Wibble. No, I'm not on the committee. Being on the committee of two conventions simultaneously is daft. I'm just helping out with the website.

Simon King — At Con Multimedia (INCO)

Simon pic

An itinerant mucker-abouter with media of all sorts for a number of years and pretending to know lots about computers finally gave him the opportunity to put his ideas into practice. Not on the committee but asked to help in producing multimedia for the convention, he was intrigued and after signing away his soul he thought, "THIS, will be interesting".

So here's hoping that people will enjoy what is produced for all sorts of nooks and crannies in between programme items.

It should perhaps be pointed out that this is the first convention he has actually been asked to help with...